Mary Woods is a homeschooled Byzantine Catholic living in the south suburbs of Chicago. As a young writer with a Great Books education, she loves reflecting on literature and life from a unique Eastern Catholic viewpoint. She has been published four times in the young writers' magazine Stone Soup, and won the 2012 HSLDA Poetry Contest, Category II. She has also been published in America: The National Catholic Review. In Fall 2015 she will be attending Wyoming Catholic College (she cannot resist the combination of classics, Catholicism, mountains, and horses!).

Growing up in a very musical family, she is an active choral singer, in her parish and otherwise, and plays violin. Other hobbies she enjoys are drawing and horseback riding. She's also a little crazy about Scotland and studies Gaelic for fun. ('S e cànan àlainn a th'innte!)

On a more serious side, Mary is very concerned about the state of modern culture, and thinks that a rediscovery of the great classic literature can help save it. Over the past two years she herself has discovered a real appreciation for the classics and knows it will be a lifetime love. That's why this blog is all about literature, culture, and faith. If you're interested in these topics as well, feel free to leave a comment or two on the blog--Mary is always thrilled to talk about great books!