Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Pascha!

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

A Pascha Psalm
By Mary Jessica Woods
Hear the faint heralds, O soldiers,
Calling distant above the far battleground.
Long have you fought in night's deepest hour,
Long have you struggled, sore-weary, with shadowy foes,
But now the sky pales, and the trumpets blare our afar,
"The Lord is at hand! The Lord and day of the victory!"
So rise up, ye soldiers! Prepare for the brilliant dawn,
That splendid and terrible morning of glory,
Rise up, and take up your shields,
Your shining helms and keen blades,
For the hour of vict'ry is upon you.
Rise and rejoice in the Lord!
Alas for those who stay slumbering,
Asleep in their tents, too weary,
Dead to the dawn of glory; it will pass them by,
Those who cannot stay alert, who cannot remain faithful,
It will pass over them like a sudden dream,
Fleeting and quickly forgotten.
But those who remain on the watch,
Straining their sight for the first-light of dawn,
Ready to join their Lord at a moment's command,
These are the soldiers of glory,
The steadfast and well-hailed fighters,
Who will scatter the darkness beside their all-conquering King.
So rise up, ye warriors of Christ!
  Ó 2012 Mary Jessica Woods