Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Wild and Sacred Way

To all of my fellow P.E.A.K. participants, and the incredible students and staff of Wyoming Catholic College: Thank you, thank you, thank you, for two of the most beautiful and challenging weeks of my life.
Wyoming Way
by Mary Jessica Woods
God's river roars in the crease of the land,
Gray rock, aspen-glitter on either hand;
O, shale-streaked cliffs and mountains pine-high,
String up my soul to the top of the sky
And there let me dangle, my spirit ensnared,
My boots on the ground and my heart in the air.
Or else, when the nightfall turns sage-green to black,
And I ease to the earth and lie stretched on my back,
Let that meteor-streak, a mere pulse-length in flight,
Be infused in my veins as eternal light:
A sharp breath of beauty for all of my days,
And a flame of the wild and sacred ways.